About the brand

What is Emi?
Emi is a concept fashion accessories brand, specialising in women's jewellery. Founded in 2009, by our charismatic creator Xander Kostroma; our aim is to offer affordable costume jewellery with a conscience.
The idea behind our label?
To take a social stand on ethical issues when sourcing materials as a company; whilst starting a dialogue with our clientèle about the issues we face in fashion everyday, as consumers and suppliers alike. We believe in acknowledging and fighting issues we hear about in the media daily, in fashion it is not only our social duty, but a moral obligation and, yes - you guessed it, sweatshops, animal cruelty and child labour are STILL happening all over the world, Fear not, you can rely on Emi to take a hard line on these and promise our customers that we will NEVER use unethical methods when manufacturing our products. We're switched on. We're the good guys. We're keeping our fingers on the pulse when it comes to lesser discussed issues, such as climate change, unethical working policies and deforestation.
What inspires us?
In a word; Asia. Even down to the name. "Emi" is a word, over heard when the team were travelling through Kyoto, Japan. We heard "Emi..." drifting on the breeze of a picturesque oriental garden. When the source of this delicate sounding utterance was located, it transpired to be a name, belonging to a small child. The little girl's name, her grandmother explained, literally translates as "Beautiful" or "Smile". We decided at that moment, this would be the essence of what we aim to achieve through our fashion aesthetic. This was to be the beginning of a lifelong love affair with Asian culture for the brand.
Humble beginnings...
After 5 years of trading through our own website, in the spring of 2014, we opened our first major concession with the FGH Group. Our first site was Freemans.com, providing just over twenty necklace options. We soon expanded and launched our products on Lookagain.co.uk.
A few short seasons later, we appeared in our first national UK televised ad, featuring Stacey Solomon as the friendly and recognisable face of our bohemian collection, in-line with the launch of her playful new clothing range exclusively for Oli.
2015 brought more success, in the shape of two more online concession launches and our second national TV advert. By mid 2016, we had been so well-received, we were able to incorporate bracelets and earrings into our concessions, in order to create variety and balance within our ranges.
January 2017 we moved into a brand new warehouse/office space as we had outgrown our very first location.
As each season passes, we continue to develop our label; regularly reinventing ourselves by adapting to the ever changing market and the needs of our valuable customers.
Hopefully, you've enjoyed reading a small chapter of our story! With so many more chapters to create in all our stories, remember; we started with just one guy with a vision, listing six necklaces to sell on a home-made website. Fast forward a few years...Emi is a fully recognised, High Street fashion accessories label producing thousands of accessories each year. With the right PMA, anyone can reach their dreams. All you need is self belief, hard work and an idea...
So go on, what are you waiting for? Reach your potential.
Love, Emi. xx