About the brand

Emi♥ is a concept fashion brand specializing in women's jewellery.

Founded in 2009, the idea behind Emi is to offer understated jewellery encompassing on‐trend design in accessible price points.

We have always been interested in Asian culture, especially in South Korea and in Japan. When we were travelling in Asia, we over heard an older lady saying it to a little girl, her grand-daughter. When we asked her what it meant she told us it was her name. Emi translated into English means "Beautiful" or "Smile". 

Fall in love with our Swarovski crystal necklaces and our beaded bracelets. We assure you, Emi will be in your heart for years to come!

Shop our latest collections in our concessions Freemans, LookAgain & Silk Fred as well as many hand picked boutiques dotted around the UK & Europe.

Love Emi♥. xx